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    1. html - What do < and > stand for? - Stack Overflow

      I know that the entities &lt; and &gt; are used for < and >, but I am curious what these names stand for. Does &lt; stand for something like "Left tag" or is it just a code?


    2. esc_html() — Заменяет спецсимволы на HTML сущности в переданном тексте, возвращает отформатированный текст. Заменяются следующие символы: &amp;, &lt;, &gt;, ", '. Функция WordPress.

      • &lt; > (больше). &gt; esc_html() - это замена для устаревшей функции wp_specialchars(). Также, функция проверят текст на наличие в нем неправильной кодировки utf-8 и, по возможности
      • Так htmlspecialchars() кодирует символы в HTML сущностных (&amp;), а esc_html() не кодирует


    3. PHP / HTML Entities encoding / decoding issue &amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br /><br /> - Stack Overflow

      • What do &lt; and &gt; stand for? 184. HTML Entity Decode.


    4. mysql - Which charset is '&amp;lt;'? - Stack Overflow

      I found this character in my phpbb database: &amp;lt;. Which charset is? I'm on MySQL, and I have PhpBB and phpmyadmin. The code shows <.


    5. replace &amp to & , <lt to < and >gt to gt in javascript - Stack Overflow

      I want to replace &amp to & using javascript. Here is the sample code of mine.EmployeeCode could contain &. The EmployeeCode is selected from Datagrid and its showed in "txtEmployeeCode" textbox.


    6. amp;amp;lt;~~~~КУРАЖ~~~~&amp;amp;gt; | ((((---!!! ... ~~ КУРАЖ ~~~>--- !!! !!!-- - | ВКонтакте

      • &amp;amp;lt;~~♪~~КУРАЖ~~♫~~&amp;amp;gt


    7. lt; &amp; &gt; !@#$%^&amp;*()&#39;&quot; & ... - YouTube

      • Очередь. __count__/__total__. &lt; &amp; &gt; !@#$%^&amp;*()&#39;&quot


    8. Use amp-iframe for embedding content into AMP files via iframe.

      • Import the amp-iframe component in the header.
      • The amp-iframe must have an overflow child element. The iframe document must send an embed-size request
      • Resize on load: the iframe size is initially set to 150x150px via the amp-iframe layout.


    9. (&amp;amp;gt;[-%_0-$-]&amp;amp;lt;] | ВКонтакте

      • (&amp;amp;gt;[-%_0-$-]&amp;amp;lt;] Информация. vk.cc/QZaWl.


    10. amp;lt;&amp;lt;***&amp;gt;&amp;gt; – 97 фотографий | ВКонтакте

      • &amp;lt;&amp;lt;***&amp;gt;&amp;gt


    11. php - xml encoding '&amp;' 'gt' 'lt' etc convert to html tags - Stack Overflow

      • I have HTML tags in the XML that look like: &amp; &gt; &lt; etc. that need to be un-escaped. If I use. disable-output-escaping="yes".
      • The value of e is just text : gt b lt. You cannot convert text to XML, at least not with any standard XSLT. disable-output-escaping="yes" does not has any effect on the input...


    12. A table of the HTML 4 entities for markup-significant and internationalization characters.

      • With the exception of HTML 2.0's &quot;, &amp;, &lt;, and &gt;, these entities are all new in HTML 4.0 and may not be supported by old browsers.