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    1. Forex - Foreign Exchange (FX) Market Information at NASDAQ.com

      • FOREX Trading - Learn the basics of trading foreign currencies (FOREX) at NASDAQ.com.
      • Lesson 1. Overview of the Foreign Exchange Market.


    2. Lesson 6 – Key Factors Affecting Exchange Rate | Starfishfx

      • Lesson 1 – What Exactly Is Forex? Lesson 2 – Foreign Exchange Rates and Quotation Methods. Lesson 3 – Characteristics of the Forex Market.


    3. Forex Lessons - Complete Trading System - Forexearlywarning

      • Our illustrated forex lessons and resources comprise the best forex school you can find on the web, and will bring you profitable trading.


    4. Free Forex Trading Lessons | Daily Price Action

      • Looking for free Forex trading lessons? You're in luck. Here you will find lessons on pin bars, inside bars, support and resistance and much more.


    5. Forex Lesson at Trading Forex Daily

      • Trading Lesson: The Art of Reversing Your Position. He pointed out that the improvements in the forex market have reignited appetite for Eurobonds ...


    6. Forex lesson of the week | SMB Training Blog

      • Forex lesson of the week. Intraday patterns both found in the EUR/USD and CFD’s USOIL. Psychological patterns after breaching levels of pull backs then finally reaching levels expected.


    7. Forex truth and Dark reality, Forex lessons you wont forget! Truth and myth about Forex trading.

      • Forex lesson #6. Part 4. Interest rates and negative rollover How to make traders trade more frequently? One way is by re-defining the rollover rules...


    8. Forex Terminologies – Lesson 7

      • Forex Terminologies – Lesson 7: What is a Pip? ( Courtesy of 4xLearning.com ).
      • For example, if the exchange rate for USDCAD moved from 0.9800 to 0.9802, it means that the rate moved up 2 “pips”.


    9. Forex Terminologies – Lesson 9

      • Forex Terminologies – Lesson 9. What is Bull or Bear? Even though no one can say for sure how and when traders start to use these terms...


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