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    1. Forex Volume Indicators Interpretation

      • I had to write an article about volume in forex, because it seems some companies are working on it and are trying to offer some volume indicators that may work on forex market.


    2. Forex Volume Indicators | Forex Indicators Guide

      • In Forex Volume data represents total number of quotes for the specified time period.


    3. Volume indicator | Forex Indicators Guide

      • Forex volume cannot be measured precisely as it is done, for example, in Equity market, where every share traded equals 1 volume, and selling 200 shares means 200 in volume.


    4. Forex volume | Forum

      • Foreign exchange has no global exchange and therefore no accurate volume can be measured. This chart from Metatrader4 using Interbank feed shows volume.


    5. Using Volume to Win 75% of Trades | DailyForex | Free Forex Trading Courses

      • In 2011, Caspar Marney, head of Marney Capital and ex-UBS and HSBC trader, conducted an analysis of actual volume and tick volume in Forex.


    6. Forex Brokers Volume Comparison And Analysis | Myfxbook

      • You Are Here : Home / Forex Broker Volume.
      • Forex4you Pro-STP. ForexTime ECN. Fort FS Pro. FPMarkets. FX Choice (Classic). FXCC.


    7. Trade Using VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) @ Forex Factory | Forum

      • The market we looked at was forex, but volume spread analysis works just as well in stocks, futures and commodities.


    8. Volume in Forex can help traders confirm breakouts, confirm trends, and identify reversals.

      • But for a quick example, I have copied the chart we see below. Learn Forex: Volume Steady During False Breaks, Spikes During Real Breaks.


    9. Forex Volumes Indicator MT4 - The complete manual

      • As the image shows, the Forex volumes indicator in MT4 uses two colours. A green bar indicates that the volume was greater for that candle than the volume of the previous one.


    10. Forex Volume « The Myfxbook Blog

      • The answer is that higher volume means higher liquidity which translates to lower (or better) spreads. Now you can view and compare forex broker volumes in real time for over 80 different brokers!