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    1. Что означают символы & и другие подобные? - PHP - Киберфорум

      • /page.php?var=val&nextvar=nextval. И возник вопрос, что такое & ??? Для чего оно? Из-за не знания этого мне кажется, могу сделать
      • Вывод текста вида <ul> из MySQL В БД сохранен текст вида: <p><span style="text-decoration: underline...


    2. Amp - Asynchronous concurrency made simple amphp

      • Amp is a non-blocking concurrency framework for PHP providing primitives to manage concurrency such as an event loop, promises, and asynchronous iterators. It implements coroutines using PHP's generators to avoid callback or then() hells. Promise consumption works without callbacks and allows...


    3. "- Aska BBS -" メッセージ inurl:"/aska.cgi?re - Pastebin.com

      • inurl:"/modules.php?name=Legal". "PHP-Nuke is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL license". "Benutzer anmelden/einloggen" "Neuen Benutzer anmelden" "Website".
      • "Login and Registration Issues" "User Preferences and settings" "Formatting and Topic Types". "modified by Przemo".


    4. User login+inurl:/aska.cgi Icons - Download 2145 Free User login+inurl:/aska.cgi icons here

      • Results 1-24 of 2145 for search term "user login+inurl:/aska.cgi".


    5. User login inurl:/aska.cgi Icons - Download 2179 Free User login inurl:/aska.cgi icons here

      • Results 1-24 of 2179 for search term "user login inurl:/aska.cgi".


    6. "Designed by: PHPLD Your Site" "Submit Article" "Powered by ArticleMS" "Submit - Pastebin.com

      • "powered by phpmotion" Blogs. inurl:"login.php" "Signup now to submit your own articles".
      • inurl:"login.php" "Login to access your author control panel". "Submit Link" Pricing "Enter the code shown" "This helps prevent automated registrations."
      • inurl:aska.cgi. inurl:aspboardpost.asp?id=.


    7. PHP: htmlspecialchars_decode - Manual

      • Quote from the PHP manual: "get_html_translation_table() will return the translation table that is used internally for htmlspecialchars() and htmlentities()."
      • Since '&' decodes into '&', (htmlspecialchars_decode($var) == $var) will be -false-, thus returning $var without that it's escaped.


    8. PHP: htmlspecialchars - Manual

      • & " (double quote). ", unless ENT_NOQUOTES is set.
      • or 2b crate a new PHP-file containing the three functions mentioned above, let's say, z. B. htmlXfunctions.inc.php and include it on the first line of every PHP-file in your legacy product like this: require_once('htmlXfunctions.inc.php').


    9. AMP - a web component framework to easily create user-first web experiences - amp.dev

      • Whether you are a publisher, e-commerce company, storyteller, advertiser or email sender, AMP makes it easy to create great experiences on the web. Use AMP to build websites, stories, ads and emails.


    10. Log in | ASKfm | Login with

      • Log in. Remember me Forgot password? Login with.


    11. Login - AMP

      • My Portfolio & Banknet have combined to create My AMP, allowing you to access your banking, investment, insurance and super accounts in one place.
      • view your retirement plans. You can use the desktop version here or download our Apple or Android app. Login to My AMP.


    12. inurl:login.php & intitle:Admin Login | Google Dorking

      • Find admin login forms. Inurl parameter + intext parameter
      • GPS Monitoring System guestbooklist hack hacked Hamdida Hikvision htaccess ICFsqLi CRAWLER id IDS IIS image.cgi Index Index of index.cgi index.of INJECT Install internet intext intext parameter intitle intranet inurl ioncube...


    13. AMP Login - AMP

      • AMP Login. This system is for the use of authorized users only.


    14. Find out what people want to know about you. Ask questions and get answers on any topic!

      Find out what people want to know about you. Ask questions and get answers on any topic!


    15. Google

      Advertising Programs About Google Google.com.

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