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    1. "- Aska BBS -" メッセージ inurl:"/aska.cgi?re - Pastebin.com

      • "Latest Forum Posts" Replies Views "Last Poster" "Forum Statistics". "Forum has * topics and * replies for a total of * posts." "There are * registered members." "Member Profile" "Registration Date" "Find all topics" "User Information". inurl:"/index.php?a=register".


    2. User login inurl:/aska.cgi Icons - Download 2179 Free User login inurl:/aska.cgi icons here

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      • Hack Website With "inurl adminlogin.asp" String. First of all goto google.com and search any one of the below dork in google and open that link.... inurl:adminlogin.asp.
      • inurl:admin_logon.asp.


    5. inurl:/administrator/index.php?autologin=1 | Google Dorking

      • inurl:/administrator/index.php?autologin=1. Publié par : à 5:40 AM.
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      • inurl:"login.php" "Signup now to submit your own articles". Home "Add Article" "Latest Links" "Top Hits".
      • inurl:"submitarticles.php". "Powered by Press Release Script" "Sign-Up". "Please fill out this form, and we'll send you a welcome email to verify your email address and log you in."


    7. Google INURL - Brasil: 01/09/13 - 01/10/13 | DORK[2]: site:.gov.br intext:"CGILua 3.2.1 CGI" DORK[3]: inurl:cgi/cgilua.exe/sys/start.htm?sid=1 DORK[4]: inurl:"cgi/cgilua.exe/"

      • Exploit Editwrx PHP. EditWRX é vulnerável a execução de código remoto através da falta de filtro function open() no downloader, que pode ler em comandos canalizados na GET "download" Apesar do downloader ser um componente administrativo, O login Não é necessário para executar a função.


    8. 192 168 0 1 Router Login | Login my Account

      • Remember, each router is provided with default login details so if you are accessing admin log in page for the first time then you will need to fill the default login user name and password for your device.
      • If the address bar you will need to fill www. and hit the enter key.


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      • Find admin login forms. Inurl parameter + intext parameter
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    11. PHP: htmlspecialchars - Manual

      • Since PHP 5.4 for $string in htmlspecialchars($string) utf8 characters are expected if no charset is defined explicitly as third parameter in the function.
      • or 2b crate a new PHP-file containing the three functions mentioned above, let's say, z. B. htmlXfunctions.inc.php and include it on the first line of...


    12. PHP: CGI 和命令行设置 - Manual

      • start on target machine php with "php -b ip:port" for ear request from mod_fastcgi. some aditional thing are in sapi/cgi/README.FastCGI of php src tree.
      • and with that solution you can mixe php5 and php4 with different extention of apache directory limitation to one or another version...


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