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    1. amp html - How to Use AMP in Asp.net MVC - Stack Overflow

      I want to use Accelerated Mobile Page in MVC project I am working in asp.net MVC project in that I have two file one for mobile and one for desktop . so can I use AMP for mobile? anything problem...


    2. Send an E-mail Using ASP.NET - 1&1 Help Center

      • Follow the steps below to send an e-mail through ASP.NET using the System.Net.Mail namespace.
      • %> For additional information, you may want to reference: Redirect Your Domain to Another URL Using ASP.NET.


    3. ASP.NET Application Restrictions for Hosting Packages - 1&1 Help Center

      • For safety and performance reasons, ASP.NET applications cannot be traced or debugged by the server. Any non-present or non-accessible backend services such as MessageQueues, DirectoryServices, Printing or PerformanceCounter cannot be addressed via an ASP.NET application.


    4. asp classic web site routing error - Stack Overflow

      i work at the any compony. i transport the web site asp classic to asp.net mvc. i download the web site from host and publish to local iis site and when i view this site on web browser not problem but when...


    5. asp classic - HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed ASP IIS - Stack Overflow

      I am trying to move a website from one server to another server but pointing to the same external database server. The error appeared was: …


    6. Redirect Your Domain to Another URL Using ASP.NET - 1&1 Help Center

      • Replace the text in red with your respective domains/URLs. Do not include the "www" prefix for any domain after "case." Save the script as default.aspx and upload the file to the root of your webspace.


    7. asp classic - How do I get root url using ASP not ASP.net - Stack Overflow

      How do I get root url using ASP not ASP.net? I have found this question ( How do I get the site root URL? ) but it is related to ASP.net. =


    8. asp classic - Single Page ASP application and Routing - Stack Overflow

      I thought this would be very simple but it's proved difficult to find the information I'm looking for online... I have a single page website using ASP and I want to use query strings but I don't want to have to put...


    9. asp classic - ASP URLDecode - Incorrect Conversion - Stack Overflow

      I have a website where google pics up some links on my site and sends throught the following URL http://www.globalpropertyonline.net/test.asp?town=gand%EDa I have one of the URLDecode...


    10. AMP validation errors – AMP

      • Valid AMP documents must not include any validation errors. The purpose of this document is to help you better understand and fix any validation errors you encounter when you validate your AMP pages. For a complete overview of the validation errors, see the AMP validator specification.


    11. Redirect Traffic to Your SSL Secured Site - 1&1 Help Center

      • You must add the line RewriteEngine On to enable rewrite rules. Do not add this line a second time if it is already present in the .htaccess file. Replace 1and1help.com in the example above with your own domain. The last line must contain the correct domain or subdomain that is used with the SSL.


    12. asp classic - How do I programatically 301 redirect in an asp page? - Stack Overflow

      • I'm upgrading some classic asp pages to .net, but not all of them. Rather than go and modify all the links in this backwards system, which pulls some of its links from a cms data store. I would like to take advantage of http and just remove the code our of that file, and perform a programatic 301 so that all...


    13. Part 1: ASP NET Web API - Getting Started - YouTube

      • Hi Guys welcome to my ASP.NET Web API tutorial series.


    14. Razor file compilation and precompilation in ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Docs

      • The ASP.NET Core 2.x project templates implicitly set the MvcRazorCompileOnPublish property to true by default. Consequently, this element can be safely removed from the .csproj file.
      • <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web"> <PropertyGroup> <TargetFramework>netcoreapp1.1...


    15. TLS 1.2 Issue - in Classic ASP environment - Authorize.Net Developer Community

      • I have a classic ASP site as well and looking for confirmation on if I need to make any changes for TLS 1.2. It's been very hard to get an answer.
      • I got with my host to disable 1.0 and 1.1 and enable 1.2, per my instructions from Authorize.net. When I try to run the script now, I get an error: "An error...