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    2. CGI & eCGI

      • The CGI or Cell Global Identification is used in GSM/UMTS standard and it is defined as the concatenation of the MCC (Mobile Country Code), MNC (Mobile
      • The point is that some systems or applications works with the whole CGI or eCGI and other systems works with the separate blocks...


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    5. Konsultointi, IT-palvelut ja ulkoistaminen | CGI

      • CGI on yksi maailman suurimmista itsenäisistä IT-palvelu- ja liiketoimintayrityksistä.
      • CGI.fi-sivustolla käytetään evästeitä (cookies) käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseksi. Lisätietoja saat Yksityisyydensuoja-sivulta.


    6. Sample Chapters: CGI Programming 101

      • CGI Programming 101 will show you how to add guestbooks, page counters, shopping carts and other interactive elements to your website.
      • The first six chapters from the book are available below (or you can download them as a printable PDF file - 78 pages, 609K).


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    8. Information technology and business process outsourcing | CGI IT services

      • CGI is among the leading independent information technology and business process services firms in the world.
      • CGI awarded $281 million contract to modernize payroll, case management tech for home services providers in California Read the releaseCGI awarded $281 million contract to modernize...


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    10. CGI Programming 101: Chapter 3: CGI Environment Variables

      • This is the source code and links for Chapter 3 of CGI Programming 101. The full text for this chapter may be found here.
      • Full Text for Chapter 3. env-cgi.html. Environment variables (source code).


    11. CGI Programming With Apache and Perl on Windows XP

      • Differences Between CGI Programs on Unix and Windows. Installing Apache on Windows XP.
      • Viewing Your Site. Writing Your CGI Programs. Other Perl Editors. Troubleshooting. Who can see your website? If you have a permanent, fixed IP address for your computer (e.g. your computer is in an...


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