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    4. Форум PHP программистов -> Как расшифровать XML документ?

      • Обсуждение на форуме: программирование на php, джаваскрипт, использование ajax. Форум PHP программистов : Как расшифровать XML документ?


    5. Форум PHP программистов -> безопасность MySQL-запросов

      • Обсуждение на форуме: базы данных MySQL, джаваскрипт, программирование на php. Форум PHP программистов : безопасность MySQL-запросов.
      • и, например, как можно избежать вывода всей информации таблицы, при вводе в поиск выражения " '# ".. PHP.


    6. Форум PHP программистов -> Вывод информации из подраздела на главную страни

      • amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;a mp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp
      • Главная страница сайта Поиск Помощь Установка и администрирование ПО - Установка и администрирование ПО PHP основы - Безопасность данных и приложений - Изображения...


    7. Latest Books

      • Dominique Grandjean et collectif amp quot Guide pratique levage Canin amp quot pdf. 3 Php Book pdf. Bobbito Basics to Boogie Basketball Ballhandling Training
      • Food Dehydration A Dictionary and Guide pdf. Architectural Graphic Standards 3 0 10th Edition pdf. UltraPlusPAK Band in a Box 2012 pdf.


    8. EEVblog Electronics Community Forum - Index

      • Beginners
      • A place for electronics newbies to ask questions. Include detail & what you have already done to find
      • Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff
      • Show off your projects or other stuff you are working on. Talk about designs or ideas, ask technical...


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    10. Viết code cho index.php - Lập trình theme WordPress

      • Phần 6 của serie Lập trình theme WordPress, phần này sẽ hướng dẫn bạn cách viết code vào file index.php cho phù hợp, cách ứng dụng hàm get_template_part.


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      • Controlling YouTube & Vimeo video via URL parameters


    12. Connecting two power amps to a mixer/ single audio input

      • The Crown amp looks like it's rated for 4-Ohm's minimum. That means you can connect two 8-Ohm speakers, but if the speakers are 4-Ohms you can only connect one pair per amp. * As a general rule, it's OK to connect multiple inputs together.


    13. sharppcap/index.html at master · chmorgan/sharppcap · GitHub

      • <p>Both of these functions require that an event handler for processing packets registered prior to calling them. This event handler is invoked by <code>ICaptureDevice</code> for every new packet coming from the network and receives the sender object that invoked this handler (i.e. the <code...


    14. simple XMLwriter library for Arduino | Forum

      • Triggered by a post of Crossroads - http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=197251.0 - I wrote a simple library/class that helps to write XML output. Although still work in progress it seemed to me mature enough to post here so I can get feedback about all that is wrong. Of course an example script to...


    15. Participate in a discussion at the AltE Forum regarding AC amps - DC amps

      • I understand an amp is an amp but isnt there a difference when dealing with the AC and DC and different voltages, watts, etc...
      • AC and DC amps are the same. What you are doing is transferring power (volts x amps) from one source to another. You have a 3924 watt inverter which is 120volts x...


    16. wtf-forms/index.html at master · mdo/wtf-forms · GitHub

      • <p>We hide the default <code>&lt;input&gt;</code> with <code>opacity</code> and instead use the <code>&lt;span class=&quot
      • <iframe class="github-btn" src="http://ghbtns.com/github-btn.html?user=mdo&amp;repo=wtf-forms&amp;type=watch&amp;count=true" allowtransparency...


    17. fpOdf - Creating and modifying OpenDocument ODF files with freepascal | Forum

      • <text:span text:style-name="Text_Body">&#xB;&lt;test&gt;&amp;"This shouldn't break the resulting document."&lt;/test&gt;&#xB; </text:span> Tabs, single quotes and double quotes are rendered differently.


    18. Amplifier Navigator - Software and Firmware - Resources - QSC

      • ...img src="https://www.qsc.com/fileadmin/user_upload/q_amp_gxd_img_heroFamily.jpg" alt="GXD Amplifiers" width="200" align="middle"
      • PowerLight switch-mode power supply technology for high performance and compact size</li> <li>Active inrush limiting &amp; selectable high pass filters</li> <li...


    19. SMF 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 | Sources/Register.php

      • // TODO: When SMF supports only PHP 5.3+, we can change this to "uses" keyword and simplify this. $callback = pregReplaceCurry('smielyPregReplaceCallback', 2); $message = preg_replace_callback($smileyPregSearch, $callback($smileyPregReplacements), $message)


    20. Форум PHP программистов > Как расшифровать XML документ?

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