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    1. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) для Joomla - быстрая загрузка страниц для Google, Twitter, итд - страница 2 - Флейм - Форум русской поддержки Joomla!

      • Как связаны между собой файлы amp.php и ampcomponent.php?
      • DISALLOWED_HTML_WITH_AMP_EQUIVALENT В основном это картинки, добавленные в статью и ссылки на картинки в микроразметке обычной статьи, типа картинки в следующей конструкции


    2. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP and Perl.

      • XAMPP Apache + MariaDB + PHP + Perl. What is XAMPP? XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment.


    3. תג - קבצי ממ"ג

      • קבצי ממ"ג.


    4. Amp recommendation

      • (Professional power amps can easily be found for less than $1 USD per Watt, but that's not what you are looking for.)
      • And important point being that integrated amps don't sell in anything like the same high volume as AVRs, and therefore you pay a big premium for less in most cases.


    5. Using an external amp with a receiver without pre-outs | Forum

      • I'm thinking a separate pre-amp + amp for the R&L fronts, and a y-cable from my CDP to both the receiver and the pre-amp. Does this make sense and can you guys foresee any problems with it? Thanks, Raz.


    6. OpenCart - AMP For Product Pages PRO

      • Basically Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP) is a project from Google and Twitter to design fast loading mobile pages. Fundamentally, these are stripped-down form of HTML page designed to be super light weighted and really fast loading. How it works? The Project relies on AMP HTML, a layered structure...


    7. Komplete : Guitar : Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped | Products

      • Production-ready sounds with four amp setups. Vast set of playing techniques for true authenticity. Demo Tracks.
      • In order to give you ready-to-use sounds for your productions, SCARBEE PRE-BASS AMPED offers the choice between four different amp setups.


    8. Power Amp Problem ? - Profiler - Questions and answers - Kemper Profiler Forum

      • Got exactly the same problem with power amp output, happened last week for a minute then worked fine, this weekend same issue but
      • If the signal of the Monitor Output is ok and the power amp output signal isn't, there is something wrong with the power amp or the speaker cable or the speaker cabinet.


    9. AMP EQ Curve Characteristics Information - Share tips and tricks - Kemper Profiler Forum

      • Ok, as I promised, I did some tests on the AMP EQ of the Kemper to see how the filter works. I did this test recording a "large" spectrum track with the guitar and than recording the same in loop with the Amp EQ at different settings. As always "trust your ears" is the better valid solution, but I believe that this...


    10. do solid state amps need a load? | The Gear Page

      • The danger to SS amps is in too low a resistive load, or even worse, shorted outputs, which is zero load. Open outputs give an infinite load, which, while very bad for
      • A standard solid state amp runs just fine with no load. In testing and diagnosing amps we run them on the bench like that all the time.


    11. Lovepedal Amp 11 questions... | The Gear Page

      • The amp11 seemed to fit the bill. I was looking for something low-medium (at most) gain with a good eq curve. The adjustable bass/treble controls really help
      • I don't think you would be disappointed with the standard AMP11. It's my favorite when running a strat into a BF Fender amp by far! It just gives you...


    12. Audionet AMP 1

      • Die Audionet AMP 1 hat ca. 12 Jahre auf den Buckel aber von einer Alterserscheinung keine Spur. Wenn man Glück hat, bekommt man die
      • Laut Datenblatt soll die AMP 1 locker 2OHM packen. Und das nehme ich der auch ab. Ich hatte meine Audionet an ein Paar Infinity Renaissance 90 angestöpselt.


    13. Using amp's Line Out for recording? | The Gear Page

      • Some amps like the Diezel Einstein and Egnater Renegade have a speaker compensated line out, so you just plug them into your recorder/interface and go. I didn't spend ALOT of time doing that, but I did try it on both amps and it seemed pretty cool to me. If you have an amp with a non-speaker...


    14. Switcher for Multiple Amp Heads Into a Single Cab? | The Gear Page

      • I thought the Voodoo Labs amp selector did this but now I'm not sure. Do I want a Radial with a phase/ground lift? Thanks for the help.
      • One way to ensure "one amp at a time" is to put a visual marker on the amp that's on. Anything brightly colored, so you notice it. Then you move the marker...


    15. Ускоренные мобильные страницы (AMP) - Вопрос от VL_Sekreten - uВопросы

      • AMP страницы и https. как оптимизировать дизайн под мобильные устройства.
      • Просто заменить <html> на <html ⚡> нельзя так как поддержки AMP в Юкоз пока нет. Можете настроить дополнительно PDA версию сайта и это не навредит сайту.


    16. Two amplifiers w/ one audio source

      • The smaller amplifier is mostly sourced by an online radio and that's fine. The big amp is connected to a PC. However, sometimes we want the PC not only to provide the big amp, but also the small one to have the same music everywhere. We tried to put them in parallel with a special cable, but that almost...