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    1. Boss GT-1 Amp Models list? | The Gear Page

      • What amp models does the Boss GT-1 have on board?
      • MS1959 I+II The sound of connecting inputs I and II of the guitar amp in parallel, creating a sound with a stronger low end than I. R-FIER VTG (R-FIER VINTAGE) Models the sound of the Channel 2 VINTAGE Mode on the MESA/Boogie DUAL...


    2. URL patterns with >&amp | Forum

      • See: http://urlquery.net/report.php?id=2769686 Found _rozi.zip.exe and p.exe (see: http://www.threatexpert.com/files/p.exe.html) malware host -> Host: upload dot sdnfd dot ru Google Safebrowsing alerts...


    3. How do you like your BluGuitar Amp 1? Thinking of picking one up. Looks really great. Please share!

      • The Amp1 covers all I ever need. It is small, lightweight, can be used at bedroom levels or at large concert stages and cuts through a band mix without being harsh. And the setup is so much faster and easier. I have the BluGuitar Remote and Looperkit and have total control over four amp channels.


    4. AMP DSR‐1 — Warface

      Главная / Оружие снайпера / AMP DSR‐1. Компактная немецкая винтовка с продольно-скользящим затвором, изначально разработанная для снайперов из полицейских подразделений. Позднее винтовка была принята на вооружение GSG 9 и ряда других отрядов специального...


    5. Switcher for Multiple Amp Heads Into a Single Cab? | The Gear Page

      • I thought the Voodoo Labs amp selector did this but now I'm not sure. Do I want a Radial with a phase/ground lift? Thanks for the help.
      • Like many of us, I have more amp heads than cabs. I would like to avoid having to constantly unplug the speaker cable from one head to another.


    6. Amp 11 Review... | The Gear Page

      • These are my thoughts about the Amp 11 tone/feel/application now that I’ve been using it for a while. If you have other topics that you want to discuss related to the Amp 11, please start your own thread. I posted my initial thoughts on the A11 when I first got it and those thoughts were quite positive.


    7. Difference btw Preamp and Intergrated Amp? | Forum

      • *Some integrated amps can also serve as preamps (if they have a 'preamp out' output) if the user wishes, for example, to use a different amp, and retain the preamp functions of the integrated (volume, source selection, remote control, etc.).


    8. 2 amps into 1 cab at the same time? | The Gear Page

      • Unused amps are protected, and of course, only one amp is allowed active at a time.
      • Unique priority circuit only allows 1 amp on at a time! Protection circuitry safely guards unselected
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    9. php-amp-pages/index.php at master · siteraiser/php-amp-pages · GitHub

      • Simple Amp implementation with PHP for ckeditor blog articles and featured images. - siteraiser/php-amp-pages.
      • $stmt=$this->pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM blog WHERE published = 1 AND link = :article


    10. Top 50 WORST AMPS! | The Gear Page

      • Peavey Rage (first amp ever) Peavey Renown (2nd amp, renowned for how bad it sounds) Mesa Boogie Mk4 (my complaint, no good cleans) Fender Prosonic (terrible overdrive channel) Fender Blues Deville (ouch! My eye ball) Fender Blues Jr (I wonder what it will sound like with new tubes, a different...


    11. It's time for my first DAC and quality amp. Can anyone help?

      • I associate balanced inputs to guitar amps and mixer boards. So what am I looking for here?
      • Balanced inputs are practically nonexistent on guitar amps. Balanced outputs are a relatively new feature which began to appear around the turn of the century and is still far from universal.


    12. BLUGUITAR. AMP 1. Impressive. | Page 3 | The Gear Page

      • The one in the Amp 1 is quite likely a subminiature from the looks of it, whereas the Korg is all electronic it would seem.
      • The Amp 1 manual is more than a bit misleading on this: "BluGuitar® relies on Nanotubes™. This means only using selected vacuum subminiature tubes that fulfill our extremely...


    13. BluGuitar Amp1 | The Gear Page

      • Amp1 - Boutique to go with sophistication Amp1 is a fully analogue guitar amp with four channels amplified by a newly designed 100-watt Class D tube power amp. The amp sets new standards in terms of power, vitality, responsiveness and genuinely analogue output stage behaviour – the...


    14. ZOOM G1on in FX Loop, G1Xon to Amp? | The Gear Page

      • The amp will basically always be in crunch or lead mode. I was wondering if something like this would work as an inexpensive pedal solution
      • I don't have a lot of experience w/ pedals and tube amps, but thought it'd be pretty cool to have a pedal setup like the above that cost about $125 total.


    15. BLUGUITAR. AMP 1. Impressive. | The Gear Page

      • My buddy brought this amp to NAMM, and we tried it out at the Voodoo lounge. We played it through two cabs: Marshall 4x12
      • I typically play an R9 through a PRS Custom 50 head/Boogie 2x12 V30 cab. I thought the Amp 1 held its own, and I have no qualms about taking it to future gigs as my main amp.


    16. [РЕШЕНО] amd radeon fps cs go/index.php?option=com_jdownloads and 1>1'A=0 | SEARCH.STEAMDB.RU

      • AMD AMP is designed to put seamless control of your AMP-enabled memory module at your fingertips.
      • Вся информация по запросу amd radeon fps cs go/index.php?option=com_jdownloads'A=0 у нас на сайте! hearts of iron 4 как увеличить людские...


    17. List of boutique amp makers | The Gear Page

      • A list of BOUTIQUE amp manufacturers, not a list of Amp manufacturers!!!
      • Simple Amps Magic Amplification. Both are hand wired and I really like the Magic LZ 1, check out the clips.
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